Proposed bylaw at-a-glance

Lunenburg Town Council is considering a bylaw to regulate single use plastics (SUPs). If approved, businesses and community groups would no longer be allowed to sell or distribute items below that are, in part or whole, made out of plastic. Exceptions are proposed for medical reasons and emergency services.

 Items proposed for regulation, beginning January 1, 2020:

  • Straws

  • Check-out bags

  • Produce/bulk food bags

  • Cutlery (such as eating utensils and stir sticks)

  • Single serving condiment packets (such as butter, ketchup, jam, sauces, etc.)

  • Disposable containers for ready-to-eat/take-out food

  • Single serving beverage bottles/containers (under 750 ml)

  • Disposable beverage cups and lids

To read the full proposed draft bylaw, click here.

Why we need mandatory regulation

  • Convenience items disproportionately litter and contaminate Lunenburg’s municipal waste streams

  • Unsustainable business practice leaves responsibility with taxpayers

  • Throw-away culture not aligned with community values

  • Plastic pollution threatens Lunenburg’s heritage brand and tourism dependent businesses

  • Bylaw creates level playing field for businesses

  • Bylaw creates a consistent, manageable experience for residents, customers and visitors

  • Opportunity for Lunenburg to lead the movement away from SUPs, with other communities following.

Transition support

Plastic Free Lunenburg recommends the following to support our community in transitioning away from SUPs:

  • Form a Transition Team with multiple stakeholders to guide the change

  • Plan communications and celebration so everyone is aware and equipped to participate

  • Increase accessible water refilling stations, with the Blue W program

  • Install clear, consistent, sortable waste receptacles throughout town

  • Guide businesses, community groups, festivals to make the changes