Sample letter to Town Council Members: You can copy into a new document or email and adapt as you like. Please cc.

date, 2019
119 Cumberland Street, P.O. Box 129
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
B0J 2C0

Dear Mayor Rachel Bailey and the Councillors of the Town of Lunenburg,

I am writing to voice my support for the bylaw brought forward to Council by Plastic Free Lunenburg, with the support of Lunenburg citizens and businesses, to ban single use plastics* in Lunenburg.

Our town is inhabited and visited by people from across the world and, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we are recognized for wise planning, distinctive architecture, natural beauty, and pristine surroundings.

Moving forward on a ban of single use plastics will show visitors and residents alike that we are not only respectful of the past, we are also forward-looking. A ban will help ensure that the Town of Lunenburg continues to be a beautiful place to live as well as a leader in business, tourism, resource management, and waste management.

I am asking you to vote to support the bylaw to ban the sale and distribution of single use plastics.

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*The proposed ban includes single use plastic straws, check-out bags, produce/bulk food bags, cutlery, single-serving condiment packets, disposable ready-to-eat food containers, single-serving beverage bottles/containers (under 750 ml), and disposable beverage cups and lids.