Proposed timeline:

Spring 2019: Prepare / Summer & Fall 2019: Transition / January 2020: Enforce

What will happen next?

There are a number of steps to be taken before the proposed bylaw becomes a reality. Through Spring 2019, PFL is drafting the bylaw and implementation recommendations, with input from stakeholders. On February 26, 2019 Lunenburg Town Council passed a motion directing staff to work collaboratively with Plastic Free Lunenburg to draft the bylaw. This was an amazing step forward by the Town!

PFL’s goal is to present in April 2019 our report, implementation plan, and proposed bylaw for Town Council approval.

See below for the proposed project timeline.

Check HERE to see ❽ tips on how businesses and community organizations can get ready.

Spring 2019: Prepare

  • March: PFL drafts bylaw with input from stakeholders ❶

  • June 11: PFL submits recommendations and bylaw to Town Council for adoption

  • Communicate - help everyone be involved and prepare ❷

  • Form a community transition team to help everyone make the shift ❸

Summer & Fall 2019: Transition

  • Proposed bylaw would become effective ❹

  • Announcement and celebration!

  • Businesses and community organizations adopting changes ❺

  • Communicate - help everyone transition

  • Celebrate and recognize leaders: Ocean Friendly Nova Scotia program ❻

January 2020: Enforce

  • Bylaw would become effective  ❼

  • Communicate and support the "new normal" including branded communications and marketing to promote Lunenburg's leadership on environmental protection ❽